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From rehabilitation, to cupping, to massage - we have all types of services to meet your needs.

Therapist provides massage services to patient.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

For the strains, sprains, joint pain, and muscle aches of everyday life.

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Sports Rehabilitation

For sports-related injuries. We are specialized in CrossFit, weightlifting, and endurance sports.

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Sports Recovery


Promotes blood flow, restores fascial glide, and relieves muscle tension.

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Fascial Manipulation

Also known as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), to release fascial restrictions.

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Joint Mobilization

Targets the joint capsule to restore mobility.

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Sports Massage

Relieve specific areas of muscle tightness.

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Compression Therapy

Normatec Devices

Used for recovery and performance enhancement. The attachments utilize dynamic air compression to apply sequential pressure to limbs, improving circulation and reducing muscle soreness.

Legs, hips, and arms attachments are available.

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Remote Services

Virtual Visits

Rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise delivered virtually, with personalized treatment plans and ongoing support from the comfort of your home or gym.

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No – in California, direct access laws allow you to see physical therapists directly for rehabilitation services. If more than 12 visits or 45 days are needed for a specific concern, you would need to obtain a referral from a medical doctor after that point.

We are unable to directly bill insurance at this time. We accept cash, check, or Zelle/Venmo. We do not accept credit cards at this time. 

Some PPO insurances accept superbills for reimbursement. Please let us know during your first visit if you plan on submitting a superbill to your insurance company for reimbursement, and we will provide you with the necessary documentation. We cannot guarantee you will receive reimbursement, and recommend you confirm coverage prior to your visit.

You can wear comfortable clothing that will allow us to work on the body region of interest. For example: shorts for a knee evaluation, or a tank top/sports bra for a shoulder evaluation.

If your pain is neuro-musculoskeletal in nature or movement-related, it is very likely we can treat it. We can also treat chronic pain and post-operative conditions.

We highly recommend you give a session a try. After your evaluation, we will have a good idea how we can help with your condition and will review it all thoroughly with you.

Generally, the longer you’ve been dealing with a pain or injury, the longer recovery may take. However, most of our patients start experiencing relief after just one session. In most cases, 3-4 sessions can make noticeable difference and give you the tools you need to begin self-management of your condition.

After your initial evaluation, we will have a good idea of how long recovery can take, and will work with you to make a treatment plan/schedule.

Unlike traditional clinics, we only book one-on-one sessions for our patients. We do this so you can get the very best quality care. In traditional clinics, you share your time with 1-3 other people, or you have very limited time with the main therapist before getting handed off to an aide or assistant.

More one-on-one time and less overall patient volume allows us to focus fully on treating you and doing everything in our power to see you improve. That is our commitment to you.

The first session, we will go over intake questions, your health history, history of your present condition, and perform a physical exam. The exam will consist of assessments of your movements, range of motion, strength, etc.

Once we have an idea of what is contributing to your condition, we will jump right into hands-on treatments and teach you corrective exercises to improve the deficits we see.

We will educate you throughout the process on our findings and how our treatments will help you improve.

Physical therapy should not be painful, and we want you to be comfortable communicating with us at all times so we can make the experience a good one for you.

Yes! Virtual physical therapy can help address movement and postural dysfunctions, as well as strength and range of motion deficits, that contribute to a wide range of conditions. The delivery is a little different, but with your engagement and willingness to participate, listen, and learn, we are confident you can make immense progress.

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